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Inspiring New Machine Learning Platforms with Bioelectric Computation with Michael Levin
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Today we’re joined by Michael Levin, Director of the Allen Discovery Institute at Tufts University. … Read the rest

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Integrating Psycholinguistics into AI with Dominique (Simmons) Davis
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
Our guest this week is Dominique Simmons, applied research Scientist at AI tools vendor Dimensional Mechanics. Dominique brings an interesting background in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics to her work and research in AI and, well, to this podcast. We cover the implications of cognitive psychology for neural networks and AI systems, and more
Statistics vs Semantics for Natural Language Processing Francisco Webber
800 800 This Week in Machine Learning & AI
My guest this time is Francisco Webber, founder and General Manager of artificial intelligence startup We discuss an approach to natural language understanding based on semantic representations of more