TWIML Presents: Strange Loop 2017

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This week, we’ll be featuring a series of shows recorded at Strange Loop, a great developer-focused conference that takes place every year right in my backyard! The conference is a multi-disciplinary melting pot of developers and thinkers across a variety of fields, and we’re happy to be able to bring a bit of it to those of you who couldn’t make it in person! Later this week you’ll hear from:

Thanks to our Sponsor

We’d like to send a big shoutout to Nexosis, who helped make this series possible. Nexosis is a company of developers focused on providing easy access to machine learning. The Nexosis Machine Learning API meets developers where they’re at, regardless of their mastery of data science, so they can start coding up predictive applications today, in their preferred programming language. It’s as simple as loading your data and selecting the type of problem you want to solve. Their automated platform trains and selects the best model fit for your data and then outputs predictions. To learn more about Nexosis, be sure to check out the 1st episode in this series, at, where I speak with co-founders Ryan Sevey and Jason Montgomery. Be sure to also get your free Nexosis API key and discover how to start leveraging machine learning in your next project at

Strange Loop 2017

TWIML Talk #69Accessible Machine Learning for the Enterprise DeveloperRyan Sevey & Jason Montgomery, Nexosis
TWIML Talk #70Pytorch: Fast Differentiable Dynamic Graphs in PythonSoumith Chintala, Facebook
TWIML Talk #71The Biological Path Towards Strong AIMatthew Taylor, Numenta
TWIML Talk #72Experimental Creative Writing with the Vectorized WordAllison Parrish, NYU
TWIML Talk #73Exploring Black Box PredictionsSam Ritchie, Stripe

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