TWIMLcon Sponsor Series

800 800 The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

In this series of interviews, we’re joined by a few of the great sponsors of TWIMLcon: AI Platforms.

ML Platforms for Global Scale at Prosus with Paul van der Boor

In this episode, we’re joined by Paul van der Boor, Senior Director of Data Science at Prosus, to discuss his TWIMLcon experience and how they’re using ML platforms to manage machine learning at a global scale.

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End to End ML at Cloudera with Santiago Giraldo

In this episode, we’re joined by Santiago Giraldo, Director of Product Marketing for Data Engineering & Machine Learning at Cloudera. In our conversation, we discuss Cloudera’s talks at TWIMLcon, as well as their various research efforts from their Fast Forward Labs arm.

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ML Lifecycle Management at Algorithmia with Diego Oppenheimer

In this episode, we’re joined by Diego Oppenheimer, Founder and CEO of Algorithmia. In our conversation, we discuss Algorithmia’s involvement with TWIMLcon, as well as an exploration of the results of their recently conducted survey on the state of the AI market.

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Operationalizing AI at Dataiku with Conor Jensen

In this episode, we’re joined by Dataiku’s Director of Data Science, Conor Jensen. In our conversation, we explore the panel he lead at TWIMLcon “AI Operationalization: Where the AI Rubber Hits the Road for the Enterprise,” discussing the ML journey of each panelist’s company, and where Dataiku fits in the equation.

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