TWIML Presents: AI Rewind 2018

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To close out 2018, and open the new year, we’re excited to bring you our first-ever “AI Rewind” series! In this series I interview friends of the show for their perspectives on the key developments of 2018, as well as a look ahead at the year to come. We’ll cover a few key categories this year, namely, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. Of course, we realize that there are many more possible categories than these, there’s a ton of overlap between these topics, and no single interview could hope to cover everything important in any of these areas. Nonetheless, we’re pleased to present these talks and invite you to share your own perspectives by commenting below.

TWIML Presents: AI Rewind 2018

TWIML Talk #214Trends in Deep LearningJeremy Howard,

TWIML Talk #215Trends in Machine LearningAnima Anandkumar, NVIDIA

TWIML Talk #216Trends in Natural Language ProcessingSebastian Ruder, National University of Ireland

TWIML Talk #217Trends in Reinforcement LearningSimon Osindero, Deepmind

TWIML Talk #218Trends in Computer VisionSiddha Ganju, NVIDIA

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