TWIML Presents: PyDataSci

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This week on the podcast, we’re happy to bring you PyDataSci, a series of shows highlighting a few of the great innovators and innovations that are happening at the intersection of three very important and familiar topics: Data Science, the Python programming language, and Open Source Software.

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Thanks to our Sponsor!

I’d like to send a huge thanks to our sponsor for this series, IBM. IBM has a long history of engaging in and supporting open source projects that are important to enterprise data science — projects like Hadoop, Spark, Jupyter, Kubernetes, and Kubeflow.

IBM also hosts the IBM Data Science Community, which is a place for enterprise data scientists looking to learn, share, and engage with their peers and industry renowned practitioners. There you’ll find informative tutorials and case studies, Q&As with leaders in the field, and a lively forum covering a variety of topics of interest to beginning and experienced data scientists.

Visit the IBM Data Science Community at

TWIML Presents: PyDataSci

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