AI Platforms Vol. 2

Over the next few weeks on the podcast, we're bringing you volume 2 of our AI Platforms series. You'll recall that last fall we brought you AI Platforms Volume 1, featuring conversations with platform builders from Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Open AI, Shell and Comcast. This series turned out to be our most popular series of shows ever, and over 1,000 of you downloaded our first eBook on ML platforms: Kubernetes for Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI. Well now it's back, and we're sharing more experiences of teams working to scale and industrialize data science and machine learning at their companies.

Thanks to our sponsor SigOpt

SigOpt was born out of the desire to make experts more efficient. While co-founder Scott Clark was completing his PhD at Cornell he noticed that often the final stage of research was a domain expert tweaking what they had built via trial and error. After completing his PhD, Scott developed MOE to solve this problem, and used it to optimize machine learning models and A/B tests at Yelp. SigOpt was founded in 2014 to bring this technology to every expert in every field.

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