Sasha Luccioni

AI & Climate Lead
Hugging Face
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Dr. Sasha Luccioni is a leading scientist at the nexus of artificial intelligence, ethics, and sustainability, with a PhD in AI and a decade of research and industry expertise. She is the Climate Lead at Hugging Face, a global startup in responsible open-source AI, where she spearheads research, consulting and capacity-building to elevate the sustainability of AI systems. A founding member of Climate Change AI (CCAI) and a board member of Women in Machine Learning (WiML), Sasha is passionate about catalyzing impactful change, organizing events and serving as a mentor to under-represented minorities within the AI community.

In 2023, Dr. Luccioni’s work was recognized by MIT Tech Review on their global “35 Innovators Under 35 list and was selected by a panel of journalists from La Presse as one of 12 Quebec influencers to keep an eye on.

Sasha is also an inspiring keynote speaker, captivating audiences with her TED talk, which garnered over a million views in just three months. She regularly gives presentations at events ranging from global forums to top-tier conferences, which are attended by thousands of people across the world.

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