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Drago Angelov

Distinguished Researcher
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I was at senior scientist at (formerly from 2005 through 2007. There I worked on face recognition in consumer photos, and on the company's visual search engine. Since 2007 I have been working at Google.

Experience leading engineering and applied research teams to solve open-ended problems and ship products. Expertise in designing large-scale data processing systems that have at their core an optimization or machine learning component.
Expertise in machine learning, with applications to computer vision, computer graphics and robotics. For the last ~5 years, leading teams that innovate and apply machine learning techniques to all major autonomous driving systems: mapping, perception, behavior prediction, planning and simulation.
Technical depth in image understanding (object detection and classification), 3D perception (3D reconstruction, 3D object pose/shape estimation and tracking) and SLAM (mapping, localization, sensor calibration). Hands on experience with image, lidar, radar, IMU, wheel odometry and GPS data. Expertise in behavior prediction, planning and simulation for autonomous vehicles.

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