Photo: Sumit Daryani

Sumit Daryani

Software Engineering Manager
Capital One
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Sumit Daryani is a software engineering manager and architect at Capital One. He works on a real-time machine learning decisioning platform to protect its banking system to drive quick decisions that align with the fraud strategy. Sumit's passion in Computer Science started with working on 8085 microprocessor kits and writing device drivers. He now enjoys being engaged in Cloud Native technologies and DevOps practices. Prior to Capital One, Sumit has been a full-stack engineer on a diverse number of projects across the financial and technology domains. He holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY.

Conference Sessions

Case Study
TWIMLcon  2019
Hosting models and productionizing them is a pain point. Let’s fix that. Speakers Sumit Daryani and John Swift demonstrate their work with a reference architecture implementation for building the set of microservices and lay down, step by step, the critical aspects of building a well-managed ML model deployment flow pipeline.