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Solmaz Shahalizadeh

Vice President, Commerce Intelligence
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Solmaz is the VP of Commerce Intelligence at Shopify, leading the teams responsible for leveraging data and machine learning to reduce the complexities of commerce for over one million businesses worldwide. In her role at Shopify, she has built the company's financial data warehouse, played a critical role in their successful IPO, implemented and scaled the company's first machine-learning products, and led multiple cross-functional teams. In addition to this, she champions a company culture that makes ethical, data-informed decisions and is passionate about building high-quality data products to improve the user experience.

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TWIMLcon  2021
Solmaz is the Vice President of Data Science & Engineering at Shopify. In this keynote interview, Sam and Solmaz will discuss how she's helped the company scale its use of machine learning and how that has helped power the company's growth.