Photo: Shakir Mohamed

Shakir Mohamed

Senior Staff Research Scientist
DeepMind & Deep Learning Indaba
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Shakir is a senior staff research scientist at DeepMind, London, having joined in 2013, where we work towards the goal of developing intelligent and general-purpose learning systems. I also lead a non-profit organisation called the Deep Learning Indaba, whose mission is to Strengthen African Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am a scientist and engineer in the fields of statistical machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am most interested in research that combines multiple disciplines and views of machine learning and its applications. I shape my efforts around three conceptual pillars: Probabilistic Foundations of Learning and Intelligence, Addressing Global Challenges, and Transformation.

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TWIMLfest  2020
In this Keynote Interview, we’re joined by Shakir Mohamed, Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind and Leader of Deep Learning at Indaba. We'll explore his journey building up the Indaba community, as well as his current research on decolonization In Artificial Intelligence.