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Scott Clark, CEO & Co-Founder of SigOpt, is passionate about empowering experts to achieve their full potential with optimization solutions. He conceived of the idea for SigOpt while completing his Applied Mathematics PhD at Cornell and proceeded to build and open source the Metric Optimization Engine at Yelp to help solve this problem. This process taught him that optimization needed to be productized to be effective for enterprises, which led him to found SigOpt in 2014, which has subsequently been funded by Y-Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Blumberg Capital, DCVC, In-Q-Tel, and others. SigOpt now helps firms and academics around the world accelerate and amplify their research through optimization in fields from machine learning to algorithmic trading and beyond. Scott holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science from Cornell University, and BS degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Computational Physics from Oregon State University. He was chosen as one of Forbes' 30 under 30 in 2016.

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TWIMLcon  2019
As teams scale their AI platforms, they must decide which capabilities to build versus buy. Whether balancing standards and flexibility or differentiation and scale, there is a playbook that teams should run to make these decisions effectively. Join SigOpt Co-Founder & CEO Scott Clark’s session at TWIMLcon to learn how AI leaders weigh these tradeoffs.