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Pardis Noorzad

Head of Data Science
Carbon Health
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Pardis is Head of Data Science at Carbon Health, a technology-enabled healthcare provider designed to make world-class primary and urgent care accessible to all. Her team's mission is to improve health outcomes and increase operational efficiency.

Previously she led Connect Data Science at Twitter—covering Search, Trends, Explore, Events, Moments, Topics, and Notifications. Pardis reestablished the Product Data Science function at the company, ushering its expansion for the first time in four years. At Paytm Labs, she designed and built a fully automated fraud detection engine for Paytm—the P2P payments and marketplace app serving India. As an early employee at Rubikloud, Pardis proposed and built a promotions allocation system for retailers.

Pardis studied random graph models of online social networks at Ryerson University. At Amirkabir University, she published on music genre recognition and sparse linear classifiers. She holds a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Tehran, where she served as ECE Representative for three years. Pardis also served in the Ryerson Senate for a year.

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Executive Summit
TWIMLcon  2021
Traditional approaches to managing technical projects and teams or establishing organizational culture can be at odds with quick innovation and success, particularly with machine learning and AI. Here, we discuss how ML/AI executives can build highly effective ML teams, support them, and shift the broader organizational culture toward innovation and adoption of ML. 
Panel Discussion
TWIMLcon  2019
Operationalizing machine learning in an organization isn't only an issue of technology. People, organization, and culture play critical roles as well. Get any of these wrong and your organization will struggle. This panel will explore strategies for fine-tuning (or overhauling) your organization's softer side to increase its effectiveness.