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Nemo Semret

Co-Founder, CTO
Gro Intelligence
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Nemo Semret is a co-founder and CTO of Gro Intelligence. Nemo joined Gro after 8+ years in engineering at Google, where he first worked for several years in web search on ranking algorithms. He was then Tech Lead on Google's Ad Exchange. He led the engineering team responsible for auction algorithms and mathematical optimization. Most recently, he was Tech Lead for Contributor by Google, a product that he invented and led from research to launch. Contributor enables a post-ads business model for the web through market-based micropayments. Previously, Nemo was co-founder of Invisible Hand Networks, Inc. which provided real-time auction-based bandwidth exchanges for content providers and ISPs. Nemo was also co-founder of a VOIP startup, and Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University. Nemo is the author of dozens of highly cited research publications and inventor on 9 US patents, with several more pending. He obtained a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, where his dissertation won the Eliahu I. Jury award. He also holds a Masters in engineering from McGill, where he specialized in control theory applied to biomechanical robots, and a B. Eng (Honours) in Honours Electrical Engineering and Math, where he graduated with distinction and a university scholar award.

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TWIMLfest  2020
Why is machine learning hard in the agricultural domain, how does addressing these challenges broaden our understanding of machine learning generally, and what challenges exist around adoption within the global agricultural community? This session will feature speakers from both academia and industry.