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Maribel Lopez

Founder and Principal Analyst
Lopez Research
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Maribel is an industry analyst, speaker and business advisor at Lopez Research focused on digital transformation. She is the author of a John Wiley & Sons book called Right-time Experiences and Co-founder of the Emerging Technology Research Council. Maribel helps companies understand and navigate digital transformation by analyzing today's most powerful tech trends, including artificial intelligence, mobile, cloud, and IoT. She's held positions at Motorola, IDC, Shiva Corporation, and Forrester Research.

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TWIMLcon  2019
Operationalizing machine learning in an organization isn't only an issue of technology. People, organization, and culture play critical roles as well. Get any of these wrong and your organization will struggle. This panel will explore strategies for fine-tuning (or overhauling) your organization's softer side to increase its effectiveness.