Photo: Manasi Vartak

Manasi Vartak

Founder and CEO
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Manasi started Verta.AI ( based on her PhD work at MIT CSAIL on systems for software to streamline the process of data science and machine learning.

Previously, she was a PhD student in the Database Group at MIT. She worked on systems for analysis of large scale data, specifically on making machine learning and visual analysis faster, interactive, and more efficient. She also worked/interned at Twitter, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. She is the recipient of the Facebook PhD Fellowship and Google Anita Borg Fellowship.

Conference Sessions

TWIMLcon  2019
Models are the new code: while machine learning models are increasingly being used to make critical product and business decisions, the process of developing and deploying ML models remain ad-hoc. In this talk, we draw upon our experience with ModelDB and Verta to present best practices and tools for model versioning and ensure high quality of deployed ML models.