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Maisha Lopa

Senior Product Manager
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Maisha is a Senior Product Manager at Spotify, where she leads the effort to build a unified Machine Learning Platform and cohesive user experiences for ML teams across Spotify. Prior to Spotify, Maisha led several product teams at OpenGov, where she worked on building an integrated platform and suite of financial analytics products for enterprise companies. Maisha holds a M.S. in Informatics from New York University's Tandon School of Engineering. She is a native New Yorker, an ardent soccer fan, and despite her day job, enjoys mostly analog pursuits such as hiking and baking.

Conference Sessions

Panel Discussion
2022  TWIMLcon
Case Study
2022  TWIMLcon
During this talk, Jonathan Jin and Maisha Lopa will break down how Spotify’s Hendrix Platform is rising to meet rising trends and balancing the benefits conferred through Platform standardization
Panel Discussion
TWIMLcon  2021
We typically hear conference presentations from the single perspective of an organization's data scientists, data engineers, platform engineers, or ML/AI leaders. "Team Teardown" turns this model on its head, speaking with several members of an organization's team. Today, we're diving into Driving Platform Adoption and Success at Spotify