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Lex Beattie

Machine Learning Engagement Lead
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Lex Beattie is the Machine Learning Engagement Lead at Spotify. In the last year, she has helped over 40 different teams across Spotify understand ML best practices, productionize ML workflows and implement impactful ML in their products. Lex is also a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oklahoma, focusing on feature importance and interpretability in deep neural networks. Beyond her passion for all things ML, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors in Montana with her German Wirehaired Pointer, Bridger.

Conference Sessions

Panel Discussion
TWIMLcon  2021
We typically hear conference presentations from the single perspective of an organization's data scientists, data engineers, platform engineers, or ML/AI leaders. "Team Teardown" turns this model on its head, speaking with several members of an organization's team. Today, we're diving into Driving Platform Adoption and Success at Spotify