Kumar Chellapilla

General Manager, ML/AI Services
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Kumar Chellapilla is a General Manager at Amazon Web Services and leads the development of ML/AI Services that involve humans and machines working together. Prior to AWS, Kumar was a Director of Engineering at Uber ATG and Lyft Level 5 and led teams using machine learning to develop self-driving capabilities such as perception and mapping. He also worked on applying machine learning techniques to improve search, recommendations, and advertising products at LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing, and Microsoft Research.

Kumar has a Ph.D from University of California at San Diego wherein he worked on teaching computers to learn by themselves to play games like chess and checkers. At Microsoft Research, Kumar developed the very first GPU based algorithms (2004) for training Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). He then used them to demonstrate that CNNs surpassed human capabilities at single character recognition by breaking several commonly used CAPTCHAs.


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