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Justin Norman

Vice President Data Science & Analytics
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Justin is currently a Vice President and the head of Data Science at Yelp. He is a career data professional and Data Science leader with experience in multiple industries and companies. Previously, Justin was the Director of Research and Data Science at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, head of Applied Machine Learning at Fitbit, the head of Cisco's Enterprise Data Science Office and a Big Data Systems Engineer with Booz Allen Hamilton. In another life, Justin served as a Marine Corps Officer, with a focus in Systems Analytics and Device Intelligence. Justin is a graduate of the US Naval Academy with a degree in Computer Science and the University of Southern California with a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Business Analytics.

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Case Study
TWIMLcon  2021
Today, nearly all data experimentation at Yelp occurs on the custom-built Bunsen platform. This talk will explore lessons learned and best practices for building robust experimentation workflows into production machine learning deployments.
Executive Summit
TWIMLcon  2021
ML projects are expensive. There is a natural tension between business leaders investing in front-line ML projects, and the platforms, tools, and teams that can accelerate these projects. In this session, we discuss how to explain the value of ML platforms and infrastructure investments and how to build the business case for them.
TWIMLcon  2019
Production ML hurdles are often organization-wide hurdles. In this talk, we discuss challenges in production and industrial-grade ML, ranging from political issues and data product/market fit to limitations with software tools and technology platforms, as well as solutions aimed at tackling these challenges.