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Jonathan Fernandes

Principal DS & ML/AI Project Manager
DXC Technology
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Data Scientist and Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence consultant that leads teams to create AI products. He works for a consultancy. He has 3 children under 7, hence his interest in AI for kids.

Conference Sessions

AI and SocietyThe Future of AI
TWIMLfest  2020
This workshop targets teachers, parents or anyone interested in teaching AI for kids. We'll present some methods and continue with a discussion about methods, ressources and challenges when teaching AI for kids. Ever wondered where to start when teaching AI to kids with no prior coding experience? Have you already taught AI principles for kids in or out off school and want to share your experiences? We want to present two different methods/resources - more information to follow - and host a discussion to share ressources, learn from each others experiences and discuss common problems. Everyone is welcome, from the experienced AI teacher to any parent planning to teach their own children.