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John Swift

Sr. Director, Software Engineering
Capital One
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John grew up in California, his home town is San Diego, where he spent his formative years in high school and college. He's worked in software engineering and architecture since the late 80s and has had the opportunity to work at a number of great technology firms over the years. Prior to coming to Capital One, John was the Chief Architect for RSA Security, however, other notable companies include Qualcomm, MCI, WorldCom, UUNET, Sun Microsystems, AOL, Yahoo, BMC Software, DELL / EMC, RSA Security, Verisign, Adobe, a few successful startups as well, a number of government contracting firms, and is now at Capital One. John enjoys this industry a great deal and loves working with brilliant driven people who want to make a difference and deliver value every day. His hobbies include reading, movies, binge watching TV shows, enjoys traveling and fine wines as well as gourmet foods and sharing all those things with friends and family.

Conference Sessions

Case Study
TWIMLcon  2019
Hosting models and productionizing them is a pain point. Let’s fix that. Speakers Sumit Daryani and John Swift demonstrate their work with a reference architecture implementation for building the set of microservices and lay down, step by step, the critical aspects of building a well-managed ML model deployment flow pipeline.