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Jennifer Prendki

Founder and CEO
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Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Alectio, the first startup focused on automated data curation and data collection optimization. She and her team are on a mission to help ML teams build models more efficiently by challenging the long held belief that more data is a prerequisite to increasing the performance of an ML model. Prior to starting Alectio, Jennifer was the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight; she also built the first ML department from scratch at Atlassian, and pioneered ML Ops at Walmart Labs. She is an accomplished speaker who enjoys addressing both technical and non-technical audiences, in particular on the topics of data strategy, AI literacy, AI ethics and the empowerment of women in Tech.

Podcast Episodes

Conference Sessions

TWIMLcon  2021
In her talk, Jennifer Prendki will dig into how the lack of attention from experts on data collection and preparation is the likely cause for a still highly dysfunctional ML lifecycle. She will explain how “Data Prep Ops” can change the game, and how to better incorporate concepts such as active learning, human-in-the-loop ML, and strategic data collection as integral parts of the ML lifecycle.
Panel Discussion
TWIMLcon  2019
Operationalizing machine learning in an organization isn't only an issue of technology. People, organization, and culture play critical roles as well. Get any of these wrong and your organization will struggle. This panel will explore strategies for fine-tuning (or overhauling) your organization's softer side to increase its effectiveness.