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Jeff Gehlhaar

Vice President of Technology
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Jeff Gehlhaar is vice president of technology for Qualcomm Research and currently leads the AI research team responsible for developing the Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine SDK to make on-device AI possible. The team also contributes to Qualcomm’s efforts in applying machine learning to computer vision, automotive, speech, power management, and other domains. Previously Jeff lead the team responsible for research into hardware and software for spiking neural networking applications.

During his 26 years at Qualcomm, Jeff has worked on a variety of projects encompassing software for embedded systems, hardware bring-up, and software engineering. Jeff led the software research team in developing LTE and LTE-Advanced networking protocols. Earlier, Jeff worked on the integration of an on-board microprocessor into Qualcomm’s first fully integrated CDMA mobile modem and a large-scale network management software for cellular systems.

He is a holder of several patents, and a graduate of the Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego.

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