Jay Emery

Director Technical Sales & Architecture
Microsoft Azure
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Jay Emery is the Director of Technical Sales & Architecture at Microsoft. Jay leads a team of Solution Architects within Microsoft's larger Software & Digital Platforms Organization, focusing on Startups & Digital Natives.

Jay and his team focus on forging strategic partnerships between Microsoft and the larger US Startup Ecosystem, helping these disruptive Digital Natives to scale, grow their total addressable market, and gain increase exposure to many of Microsoft's top enterprise customers. Jay and his team also support the Digital Natives long term customer success throughout their journey with Microsoft.

Prior to Joining Microsoft 4 years ago, Jay held various Engineering and IT Leadership Roles at Anheuser-Busch helping to strategize, and execute their larger digital transformation.

Jay is based out of the Bay Area with his amazing wife Rebecca, and his two children Jack & Tessa. When not shuffling kids amongst sports practices, he enjoys cycling, reading, and exercising.

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