Photo: Elisabeth Wittmann

Elisabeth Wittmann

PhD Student
OTH Regensburg and TU Munich
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Elli is a PhD student at OTH Regensburg and TU Munich. Her work focuses on the application of machine learning and transfer learning techniques on physical models in the field of chemical trace gas analysis and absorption spectroscopy. She's very passionate about out-of-school education and STEM education in particular. Volunteering in a german kids and youth organisation and offering summer school courses she has experimented with different formats to educate kids on artificial intelligence in a playful, non-intimidating manner.

Conference Sessions

AI and SocietyThe Future of AI
TWIMLfest  2020
This workshop targets teachers, parents or anyone interested in teaching AI for kids. We'll present some methods and continue with a discussion about methods, ressources and challenges when teaching AI for kids. Ever wondered where to start when teaching AI to kids with no prior coding experience? Have you already taught AI principles for kids in or out off school and want to share your experiences? We want to present two different methods/resources - more information to follow - and host a discussion to share ressources, learn from each others experiences and discuss common problems. Everyone is welcome, from the experienced AI teacher to any parent planning to teach their own children.