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Dotan Asselmann

Co-Founder & CTO
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Dotan Asselmann - Dotan jumpstarted his professional career while serving as the computer vision team leader of Israel's 81 military intelligence unit. After six years of service, he co-founded EyeOnn, a startup tackling drowning events in pools by leveraging computer vision. On a mission to make the world a bit better, Dotan co-founded theator, and serves as the company's CTO. He also heads Israel's largest computer vision meet-up group (>3500 members and growing).

Conference Sessions

Case Study
TWIMLcon  2021
Theator is a Surgical Intelligence Platform providing revolutionary personalized analytics on lengthy surgical operation videos. In this session, we will make a brief - but deep - dive into Theator's continuous training and inference pipelines, and detail the exciting interplay between in-house and provided.