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Derrick Schultz

Artist and Founder
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Derrick Schultz is an artist utilizing cutting-edge machine learning technology. His work explores multisensory perception, generative abstraction, and the future of ecology. He has made commissioned works for the New York Times, HP, and Acne Studios. In addition to creating his own work, Derrick also teaches machine learning to artists, designers, and image makers. His Artificial Images courses combine small group personal instruction with a digital community from across the world. Learn more about Derrick at his website

Conference Sessions

AI and the Arts
TWIMLfest  2020
StyleGAN has become one of the most popular image generation tools in the machine learning community. In this 1.5 hour workshop, join artist and educator Derrick Schultz for a brief overview of the StyleGAN2 network.
AI and the Arts
TWIMLfest  2020
Machine learning no longer just classifies imagery, it can create new images as well. Join four students from Derrick Schultz and Lia Coleman’s Artificial Images classes as they show the work they produced as artists working with machine learning, followed by a short Q&A.