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Deepak Agarwal

VP of Artificial Intelligence
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Deepak Agarwal is a vice president of engineering at LinkedIn where he is responsible for all AI and machine learning efforts across the company. A Fellow of the American Statistical Association, he is well known for his work on recommender systems and is the author of Statistical Methods for Recommender Systems (with Bee-Chung Chen). He has published extensively in top-tier computer science conferences, co-authored several patents, and has served on the committees of various conferences in the field of AI and computer science including the Executive Committee of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). He is also an associate editor of two flagship statistics journals.

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TWIMLcon  2019
Deepak Agarwal, vice president of artificial intelligence at LinkedIn, will join Sam Charrington on the TWIMLcon stage for a live podcast interview to explore the challenges of scaling AI readiness across the organization, tailoring machine learning systems for developer, data scientist and member needs, and how his team is sharing its "data-first" mindset with the company as a whole.