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David Carmona

General Manager, Artificial Intelligence & Innovation
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General Manager, #AI and Innovation at Microsoft, author of O'Reilly's book "The AI Organization", passionate about technology and business and fortunate to drive Microsoft AI's business, thought leadership, and incubation motions across Enterprise and developer products and services.

There are three things to know about me:

- What defines me: a passion for both technology and business. In my career between business and technical leadership roles, I'm usually pointed as the technical guy in Business and the business guy in Engineering, and I'm proud of it!

- My motto: "every developer, every app, every platform". For years obsessed with making Microsoft a developer company for all developers and all platforms, I spent most of my energy on transforming our developer products and bringing them to millions to developers. .NET open sourcing and cross-platform, Xamarin acquisition, Visual Studio Code on Mac and Linux, the TypeScript language, and Visual Studio Team Services are my proudest moments in those years.

- My purpose: Always attracted to AI, I was honored to be asked to lead a new mission in Microsoft - to bring AI to every developer and every organization. Working on the strategy and execution to make that happen has been my new purpose in the past years and it keeps me jumping out of the bed every morning!

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