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Danielle Dean

Technical Director of Machine Learning
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Danielle Dean, PhD is the Technical Director of Machine Learning at iRobot where she is helping lead the intelligence revolution for robots. She leads a team that leverages machine learning, reinforcement learning, and software engineering to build algorithms that will result in massive improvements in our robots. Before iRobot, Danielle was a Principal Data Scientist Lead at Microsoft in the Cloud AI Platform division. There, she led an international team of data scientists and engineers to build predictive analytics and machine learning solutions with external companies utilizing Microsoft's Cloud AI Platform. Before working at Microsoft, Danielle was a data scientist at Nokia, where she produced business value and insights from big data, through data mining & statistical modeling on data-driven projects that impacted a range of businesses, products and initiatives. Danielle completed her Ph.D. in quantitative psychology with a concentration in biostatistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Conference Sessions

Panel Discussion
TWIMLcon  2021
We typically hear conference presentations from the single perspective of an organization's data scientists, data engineers, platform engineers, or ML/AI leaders. "Team Teardown" turns this model on its head, speaking with several members of an organization's team. This week, we'll be looking at MLOps in the Cloud for IoT at iRobot