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Bryan Catanzaro

Vice President, Applied Deep Learning Research
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I'm VP of Applied Deep Learning Research at NVIDIA, where we solve interesting problems from video games to chip design using deep learning. Prior to this, I worked at Baidu with Adam Coates and Andrew Ng to create next generation systems for training and deploying end-to-end deep learning based speech recognition. Before that, I was a researcher at NVIDIA, where I worked on programming models for parallel processors, as well as libraries for deep learning, which culminated in the creation of CUDNN.

I earned my PhD from Berkeley, under the direction of Kurt Keutzer, where I built the Copperhead language and compiler, which allows Python programmers to use nested data parallel abstractions and gain high efficiency on contemporary parallel platforms. I earned my MS and BS from Brigham Young University, where I worked with Brent Nelson on higher radix floating-point representations for FPGAs.

I lived for two years in central Russia, in the Ural Mountain region and Western Siberia, and so I speak and read Russian fluently.

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