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Alex Golunov

SkyTechSport and BotBoxer
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Alex is a co-founder at SkyTechSport Interactive Simulators, that designs and builds sports and fitness simulators that feature virtual reality, augment reality and robotics. SkyTechSport products have a global footprint and are used for pro training, entertainment and fitness. The first release of the company is The Ski & Snowboard Simulator, a professional-grade snow sports platform with VR used by the U.S. Olympic Team. BotBoxer is the latest release of SkyTechSport that fuses martial arts with robotics. BotBoxer uses machine vision and AI to recognizes and escapes strikes, while also providing an epic upper-body cardio workout.

Alex is a strategic thinker with experience in launching high-tech innovative products and passion to identify and monetize business opportunities in new markets

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