Akshita Bhagia

Senior Research Engineer
Allen Institute for AI (AI2)
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Akshita is a Senior Research Engineer on the AllenNLP team, involved in R&D for natural language processing (NLP). Most recently, Akshita has been working on the OLMo project, where she has contributed to pretraining dataset construction, model training and inference, and evaluation tools and benchmark. She has also worked on open-source libraries such as allennlp, ai2-tango, etc.

Akshita graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2020, where she worked with Prof. Mohit Iyyer at the intersection of NLP and digital humanities.

Previously, Akshita worked at Cerebellum Capital (Summer 2019), and at InFoCusp (2015-2018), where she worked on building a data science platform. In her spare time, Akshita enjoys reading novels, writing (especially poetry), and dancing.

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