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Abhishek Gupta

Research Assistant
Robot Learning Lab, UC Berkeley
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I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at MIT, and an affiliate assistant professor in computer science at the Paul G. Allen School at the University of Washington. I will join the department as an assistant professor in Fall 2022. At MIT, I am collaborating with Professor Russ Tedrake and Professor Pulkit Agarwal. I am currently looking for highly motivated students interested in pushing the frontier of robotics and machine learning problems to work with me at UW. Please apply directly through the UW admissions portal, and drop me a line to look through your application.

I completed my PhD in machine learning and robotics at BAIR at UC Berkeley, where I was advised by Professor Sergey Levine and Professor Pieter Abbeel and funded by the NSF GRFP. In a previous life, I completed my bachelors degree at UC Berkeley.

My main research goal is to develop algorithms which enable robotic systems to learn how to perform complex tasks in a variety of unstructured environments. To that end, I work towards building deep reinforcement learning algorithms that can learn in the real world. Recently, I have been specifically focusing on the problems of reward specification, continual real world data collection and learning, offline reinforcement learning for robotics and multi-task learning and dexterous manipulation with robotic hands.

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