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Today we continue our re:Invent series with Srivathsan Canchi, Head of Engineering for the Machine Learning Platform team at Intuit.

As we teased earlier this week, one of the major announcements coming from AWS at re:Invent was the release of the SageMaker Feature Store. To our pleasant surprise, we came to learn that our friends at Intuit are the original architects of this particular feature store and partnered with AWS to productize it at a much broader scale. In our conversation with Srivathsan, we explore the focus areas that are supported by the Intuit machine learning platform across various teams, including QuickBooks and Mint, Turbotax, and Credit Karma, and his thoughts on why companies should be investing in feature stores.

We also discuss why the concept of “feature store” has seemingly exploded in the last year, and how you know when your organization is ready to deploy one. Finally, we dig into the specifics of the feature store, including the popularity of graphQL and why they chose to include it in their pipelines, the similarities (and differences) between the two versions of the store, and much more!

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Before we get into today’s episode, I want to send a huge thanks to our friends at Amazon Web Services for their support of the podcast and sponsorship of this year’s re:Invent series.

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