TWIML Presents: AI & Innovation at Microsoft

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Microsoft Logo Thanks to our friends at Microsoft for their continued support of the podcast and their sponsorship of this series! Microsoft’s mission is to empower every single person on the planet to achieve more. We’re excited to partner with them on this series of shows, in which we share experiences at the intersection of AI and innovation to inspire customers to reimagine their businesses and the world. Learn more at and

TWIML Presents: AI & Innovation at Microsoft

#450The Future of Autonomous Systems Gurdeep Pall, Microsoft

#465Accelerating Innovation with AI at Scale David Carmona, Microsoft

#485Using AI to Map the Human Immune SystemJabran Zahid, Microsoft

#493AI and Society: Past, Present and Future Eric Horvitz, Microsoft

#499The Future of Human-Machine Interaction Dan Bohus and Siddhartha Sen, Microsoft

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