TWIMLcon 2022


You're not Facebook: Architecting MLOps for B2B Use Cases

October 5, 2022
9:00 am - 
10:00 am

Much of the way we talk and think about MLOps comes from the perspective of large consumer internet companies like Facebook or Google. If you work at a FAANG company, these approaches might work well for you. But what about if you work at one of the many small, B2B companies who stand to benefit through the use of machine learning? How should you be thinking about MLOps and the ML lifecycle in that case? In this live podcast interview, Sam Charrington will explore these questions with Jacopo Tagliabue, whose perspectives and contributions on scaling down MLOps have served to make the field more accessible and relevant to a wider array of practitioners.

Session Speakers

Member and Adjunct Professor
SPC (South Park Commons) and MLSystems at NYU