TWIMLcon 2022


Photo: Jacopo Tagliabue

Jacopo Tagliabue

Member and Adjunct Professor
SPC (South Park Commons) and MLSystems at NYU
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Educated in several acronyms across the globe (UNISR, SFI, MIT), Jacopo Tagliabue was CTO and founder of Tooso, an A.I. company acquired by Coveo in 2019. For the last three years, Jacopo has been the Director of A.I. at Coveo, leading Coveo's AI and MLOps roadmap from scale-up to IPO. When not busy building products, he teaches MLSys at NYU and explores topics at the intersection of language, reasoning, and learning. In previous lives, he managed to get a Ph.D., do sciency things for a pro basketball team, and simulate a pre-Columbian civilization.