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Iterative builds DVC, CML, and other developer tools for machine learning. Iterative is on a mission to solve the complexity of managing datasets, ML infrastructure, ML models lifecycle management. Iterative brings best engineering practices to data science and machine learning.


With Watchful’s modern and interactive solution, the control of data labeling is placed back into the hands of data scientists and machine learning practitioners. Currently built to solve the data challenges faced with NLP, Watchful’s scalable data-centric approach allows anyone, from subject matter experts to MLOps engineers, to holistically explore, classify, annotate and validate any unique dataset to power AI initiatives and business processes.


Weights & Biases is the leading developer-first MLOps platform to build better models faster. Used by top researchers including teams at Qualcomm, NVIDIA, OpenAI, Lyft, Pfizer, Toyota, Github, and MILA, W&B is part of the new standard of best practices for machine learning.

Labelbox 2022

From Fortune 500 enterprises to leading fast-growth companies, Labelbox enables ML teams to build better AI products fast with data curation, AI-assisted labeling, model training, model diagnostics, and labeling services — all in one platform.


Capital One is creating real-time, intelligent, automated customer experiences using artificial intelligence in financial services. From informing customers about unusual charges to answering their questions in real time our applications of AI & ML are bringing humanity and simplicity to banking.

Qualcomm 2022

Today, more intelligence is moving to end devices, and mobile is becoming the pervasive AI platform. Building on the smartphone foundation and the scale of mobile, Qualcomm envisions making AI ubiquitous—expanding beyond mobile and powering other end devices, machines, vehicles, and things. We are inventing, developing, and commercializing power-efficient on-device AI, edge cloud AI, and 5G to make this a reality.