This study group meets every Sunday from 8 -10 am PT starting on May 9, 2021. You can join our slack community by clicking “JOIN US” at The study group slack channel is #deep_unsup_21.

About the Study Group
Many experts in the field of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and specifically Professor Yann LeCun of NYU, have pointed to self-supervised learning as the future of Machine Learning. With that in mind and moving beyond supervised learning, this study group follows the Deep Unsupervised Learning Course taught by recent podcast guest Pieter Abbeel.

Besides the video lectures, the course also provides coding assignments and reference implementations for many of the methods covered. We will be covering all of the available material so that participants leave with a good grasp of this important and emerging research area.

The course covers both deep generative models and self-supervised learning, including both their theoretical foundations of these topics as well as their newly enabled applications.