This study group meets every Sunday from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT starting on June 12, 2021. You can join our slack community by clicking “JOIN US” at The study group slack channel is #graph_ml_cs224w.

About the Course
Complex data can be represented as a graph of relationships between objects. Such networks are a fundamental tool for modeling social, technological, and biological systems. This course focuses on the computational, algorithmic, and modeling challenges specific to the analysis of massive graphs. By means of studying the underlying graph structure and its features, students are introduced to machine learning techniques and data mining tools apt to reveal insights on a variety of networks.

Topics include: representation learning and Graph Neural Networks; algorithms for the World Wide Web; reasoning over Knowledge Graphs; influence maximization; disease outbreak detection, social network analysis.

Students are expected to have the following background:

Course Materials
Notes and reading assignments will be posted periodically on the course Web site. The following books are recommended as optional reading: