TWIML Presents: Autonomous Vehicles

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Self-driving cars is one of the hottest topics in ML & AI. Of course, this means we needed to dig deeper into the space! Over the course of this week we’ll be adding new interviews with leading practitioners and researchers from among the various players in the industry, including technology providers, OEMs, researchers, suppliers and more.

Thanks to our Sponsor

Mighty AI LogoA big thank you to Mighty AI for their support of this series! Mighty AI was one of the first sponsors of this podcast, and it’s great to have them backing this series. As you’ll hear, the company delivers training and validation data to firms building computer vision models for autonomous vehicles. Their platform combines guaranteed accuracy with scale and expertise, thanks to their full stack of annotation software, consulting and managed services, proprietary machine learning, and global community of pre-qualified annotators. Please be sure to visit them at to learn more, and follow them on Twitter at @mighty_ai.

The Autonomous Vehicles Podcast Series

Mighty AI's Daryn Nakhuda

TWIML Talk #57Training Data for Autonomous Vehicles Daryn Nakhuda, Mighty AI

TWIML Talk #58Perception Models for Self-Driving Cars Jianxiong Xiao, AutoX

TWIML Talk #59Modeling Human Drivers for Autonomous Driving Katie Driggs-Campbell, Stanford

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