TWIML Presents: The Artificial Intelligence Conference Series 2017

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As you all know, a few weeks ago we spent some time in San Francisco at The AI Conference. While there, I sat down with a bunch of great guests for interviews. The result is our AI Conference SF podcast series—5 shows from the conference, all being released today, for your binge listening pleasure! Each of the shows has its own show notes page, which you’ll find links to below. Of course, as always, we love your comments, feedback and suggestions, which you can leave below, or on the notes page for each specific show.

Thanks to our Sponsor

Intel Nervana LogoA big thank you to Intel Nervana for their continued support of the podcast! At the AI Conference, Intel Nervana announced the DevCloud, a cloud-hosted hardware and software platform for learning, sandboxing and accelerating the development of AI solutions. The Intel Nervana DevCloud will be available to 200,000 developers, researchers, academics and startups via the Intel Nervana AI Academy this month. For more information on the DevCloud or the AI Academy, visit Be sure to let them know via Twitter @IntelNervana how much you appreciate their support of the podcast.

The Artificial Intelligence Conference Podcast Series

Intel Nervana DevCloud

TWIML Talk #51Intel Nervana DevCloud Naveen Rao & Scott Apeland, Intel

AI-Powered Conversational Interfaces with Paul Tepper

TWIML Talk #52AI-Powered Conversational Interfaces Paul Tepper, Nuance Communications

Topological Data Analysis

TWIML Talk #53Topological Data AnalysisGunnar Carlsson, Ayasdi

ML Use Cases at Think Big Analytics

TWIML Talk #54 ML Use Cases at Think Big Analytics Mo Patel and Laura Frølich, Think Big Analytics

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