TWIML Presents: AI Platforms Vol. 2

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Over the next few weeks on the podcast, we’re bringing you volume 2 of our AI Platforms series. You’ll recall that last fall we brought you AI Platforms Volume 1, featuring conversations with platform builders from Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Open AI, Shell and Comcast. This series turned out to be our most popular series of shows ever, and over 1,000 of you downloaded our first eBook on ML platforms, “Kubernetes for Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI.” Well now it’s back, and we’re sharing more experiences of teams working to scale and industrialize data science and machine learning at their companies.

Thanks to our sponsor!

Before we dive in, I’d like to send a giant thanks to our friends over at SigOpt. They’ve been huge supporters of my work in this area, and I’m excited to have them as a sponsor of this series of shows on ML and AI Platforms. If you don’t know SigOpt, I spoke with their CEO Scott Clark back on show #50. Their software is used by enterprise teams to standardize and scale machine learning experimentation and optimization across any combination of modeling frameworks, libraries, computing infrastructure and environment. Teams like Two Sigma, who we’ll hear from later in this series, rely on SigOpt’s software to realize better modeling results much faster than previously possible. Of course, to fully grasp its potential it is best to try it yourself. This is why SigOpt offering you, the TWIML community, an exclusive opportunity to try their product on some of your toughest modeling problems for free. To take advantage of this offer by visit!

TWIML Presents: AI Platforms Vol. 2

TWIML Talk #269Distributed Deep Learning at the Toyota Research InstituteAdrien Gaidon, Toyota Research Institute

TWIML Talk #270Snorkel: A System for Fast Training Data CreationAlex Ratner, Stanford

TWIML Talk #271Productizing ML at Scale at TwitterYi Zhuang, Twitter

TWIML Talk #272Scaling Model Training with Kubernetes at StripeKelley Rivoire, Stripe

TWIML Talk #273Supporting Rapid Model Development at Two SigmaMatt Adereth, Two Sigma

Scott Clark, SigOpt

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