Yes, TWIMLcon is about great content. But it’s also about making connections, building community, and having a good time while we’re at it. That’s what TWIMLconnect is all about! Read on to learn more.

What is TWIMLconnect?

TWIMLconnect is the networking and community program at TWIMLcon. It incorporates the networking capabilities of the TWIMLcon event hub, the networking events and time built into the event, and a points-based contest that rewards attendees for making new connections at the event. While we can’t replicate every aspect of an in-person event at a virtual event like TWIMLcon, we can certainly try to encourage attendees to engage deeply in the event, and TWIMLconnect is our attempt at this.

How Does TWIMLconnect Work?

TWIMLconnect is a points-based rewards program that we’re running at TWIMLcon. Attendees earn points for engaging with the event, each other, and sponsors. 

Points will be awarded according to the following chart:

Points Awarded
Upload a profile photo
20 meetings scheduled by start of event on Tuesday
35 meetings scheduled by last session on Thursday
Creates, Replies to or Likes Polls, Posts, Comments, Questions, Contests, etc.
Send a meeting request
Accept a meeting request
Meet 1:1 with an attendee or sponsor representative
Joins a meeting in the interest lounge
Views a virtual booth
Drops business card in a virtual booth
Views a virtual booth video
Attends All Three Keynotes
Attends all Mainstage sessions
Attends a workshop
Attend a networking session or the unconference
Share insights from the event on social media

According to our estimates, it’s possible to earn as many as 2,000 points by going crazy and taking full advantage of all the opportunities presented by the event. We’d love to see someone get close! We guarantee you’ll leave the event richer (in more ways than one) and wiser!

What Can I Win?

Everyone wins in TWIMLconnect!

  • First prize:           $500 Gift Card
  • Second Prize:     $250 Gift Card
  • Third Prize:         $100 Gift Card

In addition, TWIML will make a $10 charitable donation to World Central Kitchen for each person who earns 350 or more TWIMLconnect points. (This is about what you should earn if you achieve the 30 meeting goal we set for each attendee.)

Who is Eligible to Win

Any registered attendee on any ticket type is eligible to win with the exception of sponsor employees, ML/AI vendor or service provider employees on unpaid passes, and TWIML employees.


Let us know any questions you have via email to We’ll update this page as questions come in.