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Sam Charrington

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Sam is a noted ML/AI industry analyst, advisor and commentator, founder of TWIML, and host of the popular TWIML AI Podcast. The show is one of the most popular Tech podcasts with nearly 10 million downloads. Sam has interviewed over 400 of the industry's leading machine learning and AI experts. In addition, he has conducted extensive research into enterprise AI adoption, MLOps, emerging ML and AI platforms, and other enabling technologies.

Conference Sessions

TWIMLcon  2021
Faisal is the Director of Engineering for Personalization Infrastructure at Netflix, running multiple teams delivering large-scale ML infrastructure. His team currently supports model development, model tools and data, and model serving. Here, Faisal and Sam will discuss lessons learned building Netflix's large-scale personalization infrastructure.
TWIMLcon  2021
Solmaz is the Vice President of Data Science & Engineering at Shopify. In this keynote interview, Sam and Solmaz will discuss how she's helped the company scale its use of machine learning and how that has helped power the company's growth.
Executive Summit
TWIMLcon  2021
One of the biggest challenges executives face is ensuring project success. Far too often precious resources are wasted on projects that fail to generate value, don't get off the ground, or are inadequately resourced. This keynote explores the reasons for these failures and best practices for a successful launch and deployment of ML & AI solutions. 
TWIMLcon  2021
In this interview, Sam and Chris Albon discuss ML use cases at Wikimedia, the evolution of the organization’s ML infrastructure, their use of Kubernetes and Kubeflow to support the ML workflow, and their ultimate plans to make this infrastructure available to the broader Wikimedia community.