Webinar: Feature Stores for Accelerating AI Development

We’ll be hosting a webinar with Tecton on Tuesday, November 17th, focused on feature stores for MLOps and open source. Join us for this unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with the creators of Tecton’s data platform and learn how you can leverage their tool to build a library of great features and serve them in Machine Learning Systems at scale.

Thanks to our sponsor! Thanks to Microsoft for their support for the show, and their sponsorship of this series of episodes highlighting just a few of the fundamental innovations behind Azure Cognitive Services! Cognitive Services is a portfolio of domain-specific capabilities that brings AI within reach of every developer—without requiring machine-learning expertise. All it takes […]

Causality and causal modeling is one of the hottest topics in machine learning. We’re excited to announce the fall cohort of “Causal Modeling in Machine Learning” launches on September 17th. Check out our recent webinar to learn more and enroll!

We're collaborating with machine learning practitioner and leader Louis Dorard to bring his course and study group, ML Systems for Leaders & Innovators, to the TWIML Community. If you’re a machine learning manager or decision maker, or aspire to be one, please check out our recent webinar above to learn more about how Louis can [...]

Join us on Thursday, August 27th as we premiere my conversation with Dillon Erb, Co-founder and CEO of Paperspace on the latest TWIML Watch Party! Dillon and I will be in the chat answering all of your questions and sharing our reflections on the interview. In our conversation, Dillon and I explore the relationship (differences [...]