Opportunity: TWIML Seeks Technical Writer

TWIML seeks an experienced technical writer to help us develop compelling educational content (e.g. technical blog posts, tutorials, case studies, etc.) on various topics in machine learning and data science. Your work will help our community learn practical approaches to machine learning challenges. This role requires extensive knowledge of data science and machine learning, and […]

The issue of bias in AI was the subject of much discussion in the AI community last week. The publication of PULSE, a machine learning model by Duke University researchers, sparked a great deal of it. PULSE proposes a new approach to the image super-resolution problem, i.e. generating a faithful higher-resolution version of a low […]

Reminder: Today is the last day to enroll in Causal Modeling in Machine Learning. Over the past few years, causality and causal modeling has become a very hot topic in machine learning. Yoshua Bengio and other ML luminaries are excited about its potential to help address pressing issues like transparency and bias that limit our [...]

Thanks to our sponsor! Qualcomm AI Research is dedicated to advancing AI to make its core capabilities — perception, reasoning, and action — ubiquitous across devices. Their work makes it possible for billions of users around the world to have AI-enhanced experiences on Qualcomm Technologies-powered devices. To learn more about what Qualcomm is up to […]

Causality and causal modeling is one of the hottest topics in machine learning. Earlier this year we launched a new causality course and study group with instructor Robert Osazuwa Ness, which received great feedback from students: "I liked the course very much. Robert did a great job of reaching out to students to understand their [...]