TWIMLfest 2020


Photo: Stephen Borstelmann

Stephen Borstelmann

Interventional Radiologist
University of Central Florida
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Stephen M Borstelmann is an interventional radiologist by vocation; and an independent machine learning investigator by avocation. Chancing upon deep learning in 2015, he was one of the first physicians to raise awareness of both the promise and perils of AI in medicine. In 2017 he began coding Tensorflow. He has authored peer-reviewed articles on machine learning, in addition to multiple abstracts and blogposts, and is an invited lecturer on both technical and non-technical issues in AI, medicine, and radiology. His research interests lie in synthetic data, data augmentation, and metrics for AI evaluation. He is a strong proponent of citizen science, the open source movement, the elimination of unnecessary bias and democratization of AI. He is (sometimes overly) active on Twitter as @drsxr.

Conference Sessions

TWIMLfest  2020
Deep Learning technologies have made a tremendous impact on Medical Imaging. In this session, participants will hear about some of the latest advances in medical image segmentation and classification, as well as object detection in medical images.