TWIMLfest 2020


Doctors and how talking to them changed my own beliefs about the role of AI in Healthcare

As a technologist, I am gung-ho about the widespread application of technology across any domain including healthcare. In Season 1 of the You+AI Podcast, I spoke with ~15 medical doctors and we explored together where AI may drive the most impact in healthcare.

In this session, I share the lessons that I learned from those conversations with doctors and the underlying absorbing stories that helped me be more nuanced about where and how AI should be applied in Healthcare.

In Season 1 of the You+AI Podcast, I, Ranga Sampath, met with ~15 doctors across various specializations to discuss the state of Healthcare as they saw it and explored together avenues where Artificial Intelligence may drive the most impact. The absorbing conversations helped me develop a better, nuanced understanding of healthcare and a new appreciation of where and how AI may help.

A few examples – they care deeply about the Doctor-Patient relationship and are willing to engage with technology if that were to somehow give them more 1×1 time with the patient; they understand that they have limitations and that they may make errors in diagnosis or choosing treatment pathways and are open to a system that may pop up relevant recommendations in the nick of time; they are aware that they are subject to bias and that it may show up in unexpected ways; they acknowledge that their patients are changing with digital health and wearables and realize therefore that they must change as well; they are concerned whether it is right for lay people to use apps that diagnose serious conditions like skin cancer or breast cancer etc.

In this session I share how my conversations with Doctors helped me be more nuanced about where and how AI should be applied. The audience will get a sense that there is a greater need for collaboration between technologists and healthcare professionals to bring forth meaningful solutions that will keep the interests of the patients at the front and center.

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